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Bringing the best in breast cancer detection to Northern Regional Hospital

The Northern Regional Hospital Foundation successfully achieved its goal of raising $120,000 as part of its recent “For Her” campaign – a four-month fundraising effort dedicated to adding 3-D mammography to Northern Regional Hospital’s full menu of comprehensive diagnostic technologies.   Through the extraordinary generosity of many donors -- including community and business leaders, grateful patients, and friends of Northern Regional Hospital, we reached our goal in less than four months. In addition, as part of our initial commitment to the “For Her” campaign, the Foundation matched – dollar for dollar – the total amount raised.


Due to the early positive response to the campaign, which began in September of 2017, Northern Regional Hospital arranged to purchase and install the necessary software/hardware upgrades to make 3-D mammography available to patients who would benefit from its enhanced imaging of breast tissue.   With the addition of 3-D mammography to its arsenal of advanced diagnostic options, Northern Regional Hospital was the first community hospital in Surry County to offer this sophisticated technology.   At that time, 42% of all eligible patients chose to have 3-D mammography rather than 2-D imaging.

Northern Regional Hospital maintains its ability to offer high-quality care by acquiring new technologies and/or upgrading systems that will improve clinical outcomes and streamline the patient experience.   Given the extraordinary expense of remaining on the cutting-edge of medical advances, most hospitals, including Northern, rely on key fundraising initiatives to supplement their operating budgets. 


The Foundation serves as Northern Regional Hospital’s fundraising arm.   The monies raised through the Foundation – which come to us in the form of grants or generous donations from individuals and corporations – help the Hospital accelerate its timeline for purchasing needed equipment or services.  Our goal is to help Northern Regional Hospital continue to provide access to cutting-edge care … as quickly as possible.

Like many who contribute to The Foundation’s focused campaigns, Dr. Ann Vaughn had a very personal reason to not only contribute financially to the “For Her” campaign, but also spend a significant amount of time and energy to encourage others to give, as well.  Her dual efforts were fueled by the opportunity to honor her recently deceased husband, Dr. Tom Jimison Vaughn, Jr., who was a pioneer in preventive care and a strong advocate for women’s health issues. Indeed, Dr. Vaughn, a well-regarded OB/GYN specialist who treated patients for nearly 30 years in Mount Airy, was the first to add a dedicated Mammography Clinic to his practice for the convenience of his patients.   “He also hired an onsite radiologist to read the results, so patients could get their results quickly,” said Ann Vaughn.  “Tom readily embraced the latest and most advanced technology that would improve women’s health, so it was a natural fit for me to want to help raise money to bring 3-D mammography to Northern Regional Hospital.   As I explained to my children, their Dad was very passionate about making sure his patients received the best care possible – and 3-D mammography is the best and most advanced technology today for detecting breast cancer.”   

As a result of Ann Vaughn’s tireless efforts and as a special tribute to “Dr. Tom,” more than $60,000 was contributed by family members, close friends and special patients of Dr. Tom Vaughn -- whose name and community recognitions have been engraved on an honorary plaque that was unveiled at a special Reception & Ceremony to thank all donors for their gifts and continued support of Northern Regional Hospital.

We appreciate that people are motivated for different reasons when they choose to support the healing work of our Hospital and Clinics, physicians and nurses, and specialized programs and services.

Indeed, many individuals – like Tammy and Jim York, owners of Petroleum Transport Company, Inc. (PTC), based in Pilot Mountain – take a big-picture view of the help their contributions can make.  After learning more about the “For Her” campaign, “we concluded that the project was a good use of funds and would benefit many who live in Surry County,” said Tammy York, who serves as Vice President of PTC.  “We wanted to help make 3-D mammography a reality for all citizens in our County … and we appreciate Matt and his team for their vision and leadership in making 3-D the new standard of care at Northern Hospital of Surry County.”

For more information about Northern Hospital Foundation or how to donate, please visit the Foundation’s website at or contact Tina Beasley at 336-783-8196 or
























Why 3D Mammography?


  • Detects lesions as small as 2mm

  • Can detect 40 percent more cancers than 2D mammography

  • Reduces patient callbacks by 15%

  • Offers 29% improvement in overall cancer detection rates

  • Reduces false positives up to 40%

  • Allows radiologists to see masses and distortions associated with cancers significantly more clearly than conventional 2D

  • Reduces the need for additional imaging in order to better visualize tissue up to 40%, compared to 2D mammography

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